A Styrene Plastic WTWS Kit

WTWS Aurora Long BoxNot really. But here is an imagined Aurora “long box” polystrene model if it were ever produced by the now-defunct model company. This isometric view not only shows the cover with the prominent Elizabethtown Water and Gas logo, but also the side information including the Aurora company logo as well.

This artistic conceptualization is provided by World’s Tallest Water Sphere artist David Wuethrich whose works of the WTWS are featured in other articles on the site. This rendering is water color markers and colored pencils. If you have artistic representation of the WTWS, please share them with the site. We will publish any artwork and link to your web site.

Notice the dual halos around the neck of the water sphere. What are these things? A radio signaling device? Communication with the water company? Vandalism detection? Artistic embellishment? Self defense?

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