A Bird’s Eye View of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere

Here are some wonderful photos of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere taken by Chad Aaronson (Chad’s YouTube link) recently. They are taken with a DJI quadcopter and show some views of the WTWS that only the birds get to see.

In the first photo we see the WTWS on a pleasant spring day. The cobalt blue sky contrasts nicely with the verdant green trees and Kawameeh swamp. You can see back to the Newark and Bayonne docks and the skyline of Manhattan in the distance. Below are the busy US Route 22 and Garden State Parkway highways.

Also quite visible is the maintenance of the tower. The uneven paint shows numerous touch-ups, patches and rust. It looks like it is time for a complete repainting. The tower gets quite a lot of use, not only for storing water, but there about 50 mobile phone antennas on the neck, and a red navigation beacon on top. The sign below reads “I’m not so easily replaced. Only Tap Water Delivers.”

Here’s a nice view of Union’s water tower close up. You can see that it is truly a sphere, not some crushed deflated spheroid or cylindrical abomination. Behold the spiritual center of Union, 218 feet (67 m) above Kawameeh Swamp.

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