Life Is Beautiful

Armand Fiorletti, designerLife Is Beautiful. Sometimes you plant seeds, and you watch them grow. Sometimes you reach out to friends, and you see many more answer your call.

Our whole purpose on this site has been given back many-times in the emails, photos, stories, news articles, and connections we have made through your contributions.

None has touched my heart more than a connection back to the designer of Union’s World’s Tallest Water Sphere, Armand Fiorletti. This photo shows Mr. Fiorletti on his 90th birthday and enjoying his engineering-themed birthday. In his hands he holds a model of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere.

Our thanks go to Sandra Kubacki, daughter of Mr. Fiorletti, who lives in New Jersey and reached out to this site. She engineered the 90th birthday party, and we agreed to give this simple token, a 1980s blue model to the tower designer.

Thanks all for your contributions. You have shown that people can make the world better.

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