World’s Tallest Photobomber

This photo submitted by well-know Unionite Tom Haggerty shows an unlikely photobomber, the World’s Tallest Water Sphere.

Nestled in between the bowling pin and ball, we see the light gray cue-ball-esque Union water tower.

Tom also sent a photo with tighter cropping, but I like this one better because it shows the WTWS in its Union context.

First we see a dilapidated “Hyway Bowl” sign with the barest of “Cactus Lounge” vestiges appearing on the ball. We also see from the marquee that nothing is going on today. We do see however that you can cash checks and sell your gold and diamonds there. Service to the customers!

We also see juxtaposed the beautiful sky and trees of New Jersey and the typical ugliness of US Route 22: endless saggy power lines, the now defunct Toys R Us sign, and lots of bad asphalt and gardening.

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