Historic Photo of Union near the Swamp

Morris Avenue and Route 22
Multiple contributor and intrepid reporter Tom Haggerty provides this historic photo of Morris Avenue in Union near the Route 22 overpass. The caption in the photo labels the overpass as Highway 29 which is the old name before north/south and east/west highways were given odd and even numbers.

The photo appears to be from the 1940s judging by the cars. Is that a Model T in the far right lane?

The overpass shows a sort of Georgian architecture with its horizontal bands, colonnade railing, and obelisk decorations. This is a contrast to today’s overpass which is made with many steel beams.

Notice the tall brick smokestack to the right which appears to be on the current site of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere. Perhaps an incinerator provided power to pump water or process trash. Also notice the concrete slab and tar seam construction. I distinctly remember the rhythm of the tires slapping the seams as you traveled down the road.

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