More David Kessler Artwork

Artist and filmmaker David Kessler, Union High class of 1993, shares more of his fantastic photos and artwork. The image is of a ceramic tile that David painted with acrylics, created in 2002. This image was used for an album cover for a band in Philadelphia where David currently resides.

David’s imagination brings to light one of the cool uses of the WTWS: movie projection. Since the tower is nearly white at this time, the WTWS would serve as a perfect canvas for movie projection artists. Hear one, hear all! This site will enthusiastically promote any movie artwork utilizing Union’s World’s Tallest Water Sphere.

A self-made photo of the WTWS taken circa 1998 was the obvious inspiration for the painting. Five WTWS U.S. first class postage stamps go to the first photographer who recreates David’s photographic images from a recent WTWS excusrion.

David’s material is copyrighted so please do not copy without his permission. He can be reached at

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