Zoom Zoom Zoom!

NYC Empire State view of WTWSHere is a great photo from 360 GigaPixels. This particular view is looking southwest from the Empire State Building in Manhattan towards New Jersey on 2016/02/24.

The photo resolution is an incredible 203200 x 101600. If you printed this at 300DPI, it would be 18 meters/57 feet wide and 9 meters/28 feet tall.

The top half of the photo contains the normal photo from the Observation Deck. You can see the Sun starting its descent into the late afternoon sky. Before the horizon, we see the Hudson River, Bayonne, Newark, and western New Jersey beyond. On the originating site, the photo appears to be a regular photo until you start zooming in more and more. The pixels flow almost endlessly with every zoom.

The bottom half is at maximum zoom. The photo shows the most interesting objects, circled in yellow. In the middle center, we see Newark Liberty International Airport. The control tower is slightly to the left of center. In the bottom center, we see a sleek helicopter zooming across lower Manhattan. In the upper right we see a jet plane, ascending greatly, leaving Newark Liberty, heading westward across the New Jersey Watchung mountains, the ridge that makes the horizon in this photo.

Most interesting to this site? The World’s Tallest Water Sphere of Union, New Jersey, is plainly visible from the Empire State Building.

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