Gravity Defying Action

Leaning Tower 320This gravity defying action shot of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere was taken recently from a speeding automobile traveling north on the Garden State Parkway. Thanks to Gina Signorella-Arlen who enlisted the help of her family in capturing this shot safely while navigating crowded swarms of swerving New Jersey drivers attempting to perform the same maneuver.

This is the terrifying image that millions witness every day. I love the color, the clouds, and the trees in this photo. Imagine the tension and fear that viewers might experience as they are driving along the New Jersey highways and seeing the World’s Tallest Water Sphere for the first time.

“A steel tower appears on the horizon. Interesting, perhaps a water tower. That’s odd. It is the tallest water tower I have ever seen. It looks nearly white, and yet it blocks the sun behind it.

As I drive closer in the winter’s cold, the tower appears even taller, stretching its massive hammer head toward the clouds. It stands by an icy swamp. Dead trees and gray chill all around. Balanced, top heavy, apparently upside-down, it challenges gravity and defies the lashing winds.

Nearing, it appears to be too close to the road. Perhaps it is actually in the road? Am I going to have to swerve to avoid hitting this beast? By the second, I am coming closer to this monster. I cannot stop my car now. Maybe if I stay in this group of other vehicles it will not see me. Perhaps if I accelerate I can avoid being smashed by this giant gray steel bludgeon!

Now I am at its base. It reaches upwards scraping the cold gray sky. Unbowed, it is too big for my windshield. It utterly fills my field of view. I cannot avert my eyes or I will crash. I see its perspiring welded seams, the beaconed head, the oxidized iron bubbling through the paint. I see the veinous wires crawling up its neck. With spiked collars around its neck, it appears to be leaning over the roadway. Is it about to pounce? It will crush us all if it falls. In the fell clutch of circumstance! Black as the pit from pole to pole!”

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