Paint Proposals by Bumper DeJesus

A few weeks ago we posted the Star Ledger Live story about the World’s Tallest Water Sphere and this site. In case you did not watch the video, there were 3 very creative proposals for a new paint scheme for the WTWS. I believe writer Brian Donahue mentioned that they are the creative works of Bumper DeJesus, Multimedia Editor for Ledger Live. In order to recognize the creative artwork of the Ledger Live team, I have made screen captures of the the three designs: Paisley, Stripes, and Smiley.

The Union water tower has not been painted in about 10 years. The readers of this site should consider what colors and paint schemes would be most appropriate. If you have an idea, please take one of the photos from this site and use your best photo editing skills to present your proposal. We will publish the best submissions here.

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