Happy New Year 2009!

The attached photo of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere was submitted by Gina (Signorella) Arlen, self-described WTWS groupie, formerly of Roselle Park. This is a very recent photo because the World’s Tallest Water Sphere now sports a flashing red beacon which makes it taller than last year’s World’s Tallest Water Sphere.

I like the angle of the WTWS in this photo. Obviously the tower has had a bit too much to drink there. The sunglasses must hide some other secrets. The new beacon is very becoming of the inebriated tower. Also I like the sun halo effect. It is the halo effect you see when you have a near death experience, and you wake up, and this is the first thing you see.

If you have photos or other artistic journeys involving the World’s Tallest Water Sphere, please send them in, and we will publish them as soon as possible. Also please let us know a little bit about the author and any experiences or connecting experiences you have to the WTWS. Thanks Gina!

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