The World’s Tallest Water Sphere Chases a Car

This exciting video is frightening to watch. Here automobile driver Paulo Ordoveza traveling through Union has videoed the World’s Tallest Water Sphere chasing a car. It is tough to see, but through the rain and the trees you see the WTWS moving along the road side and matching the speed of the traveling automobile. Several other automobiles with headlights on are seen fleeing the water sphere tower and exceeding the speed limit in order to escape. Beads of rain streak across the automobile glass as the driver evades under several overpasses, but the WTWS tower still keeps up with the car.

This video is being analyzed by the WTWS forensic team to try to detect signs of forgery. However, the forensic team has established that there is no evidence of photoshop or video tampering, and there is also no evidence that the WTWS is portrayed by an actor in a suit or other motion picture trickery.

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