Billboard and First Antenna

Billboard and CellThis photo of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere was taken in the fall of 1998 and shows a clear view of the Elizabethtown Water Company billboard, the ghost water pump logo, and the first cell antenna to gird the structure. Note that at this writing, the WTWS is still ghostly gray, but has 5 cell antennae, and the Elizabethtown logo is obliterated.

Says Brian Donohue, who writes and often stars in the excellent Star Ledger Ledger Live videos, “I had returned from a year of wandering aimlessly through South America. In my more homesick moments, I tended to think about the water sphere. And when I got back I was determined to keep my wanderlust alive by digging deeper into places closer to home. This was part of that process.”

Brian, like many Union residents, has the image of the WTWS burned into his subliminal subconscious.

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