The World’s Tallest Water Sphere Has Lost Some Antennas

Perhaps it is a normal occurrence in the life of a water tower. We take it for granted that water towers function and are useful to their owners and the community. Have you noticed that Union’s World’s Tallest Water Sphere (WTWS) has lost a few mobile phone antennas over the years?

Then and now photos
Photo on left 2013-12-25 (Dan Becker). Photo on right 20180612 (Chad Aaronson).

The photo above clearly shows this loss. The photo on the left from 2013-12-25 (Dan Becker) shows the WTWS with five rows of mobile phone antennas. The photo on the right from 2018-06-12 (Chad Aaronson) shows the WTWS with four rows. Clearly the middle row is now missing. There are also repainted areas where the antenna mounts were removed.

Did any folks see this maintenance on the World’s Tallest Water Sphere? Can we more precisely figure the date of the maintenance rather than just the 2013 to 2018 end points of these photos? Perhaps you saw some cranes and some scaffolding in this time period. WTWS want to know!

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