Garfield, Texas has a Crazy Water Sphere

Southeast of Austin, Texas, along State Route 71, lies the small town of Garfield. Like many Texas towns, they have their own water tower.

Garfield, TX Water Sphere

Proudly, emblazoned with the text “Garfield WSC” (water supply company), this water tower is amazing and strange. The actual water container is a steel sphere. There is a pipe at the bottom, which supplies the pressurized contents of the water sphere above. There are three steel pipe legs, with rigid and cable bracing. One of the legs has interesting features: a pipe to supply water to the container and a ladder to provide maintenance access. Girdling the lower part of the water sphere is a walkway with railing.

Darfield, TX tower

Garfield residents should be proud of their water tower. It is a true sphere set upon a tripod stand. With no hidden access, no lights or antennas, one can see the naked, utilitarian, functional beauty of this water sphere.

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