Do You Know Union’s Neighbors?

Do you know Union, New Jersey’s nearest neighboring cities and towns? Union has the one and only World’s Tallest Water Sphere. However, let’s face it, Union has some good neighbors who might also see the WTWS and benefit from its awesome visage.

To get you started on this pop trivia quiz, here is a clue map. At the center is the outline of Union, New Jersey. Some roads, rivers, and other features might help you. See if you can name all cities and towns that touch Union’s boundaries.

Union boundaries
Union, New Jersey boundaries and neighbors clue map

Now for the answers. How many cities and towns could you name? How many did you name that actually touch Union?

If you said Cranford, Roselle, Newark, Summit, Mountainside, or Westfield, nice try, but no clean fresh Kawameeh drinking water for you.

If you said Elizabeth, Hillside, Irvington, Kenilworth, Maplewood, Millburn, Roselle Park, and Springfield, congratulations, you have a perfect score and qualify for World’s Tallest Water Sphere reader of the month!

Union neighbor boundaries
Union, New Jersey boundaries with neighbors answer map

The answers for this pop trivia quiz come from Open Street Map admin boundaries data from the US Geological Survey data. I followed the instructions at this site ( to import the data into Google Maps and generate the images above. So if your geography friend swears Cranford or Westfield touch Union, please take it up with the U.S. Department of the Interior. Thanks for reading this far.

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