Falcon 9 and Dragon Launch

Falcon 9 and DragonToday (2017-02-18), we watched the attempted launch of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. Unfortunately the mission was aborted at T minus 13 seconds due to some equipment anomalies. Shown in the photo is the rocket at the moment of launch abort. You can see the Florida Space Coast with intracoastal waters in the foreground, calm ocean and great visibility in the background.

It was exciting to watch the launch attempt. The Falcon 9 rocket sits on the NASA Launch Complex 39A of the Kennedy Space Center as the clock ticks down. Various members of mission control report in with status of the rocket systems. The rocket is breathing off clouds of white chilled gasses as they bleed the tanks. Would the machine blow up? Would it take off?

A beautiful water tower stands nearby and ready. In the event of a tragedy, it will deliver gravity pressurized water to rescue the site. It is nicely painted white with the Space X logo at the top.

A relaunch will be attempted tomorrow.

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