Hey Abbott!

Abbott Texas towerAbbott Texas has a nice water tower. As seen in the photo, the tower is white, has the town name, and is a true water sphere! It is relatively unencumbered with mobile phone antennas, although it does have aviation lights on top and two maintenance attachment collars beneath the sphere.

Although not very tall, it stands on a relatively flat plateau, so it can be seen clearly from Interstate 35 somewhere between Waco and Fort Worth. It also elevates the water to the highest point in the area, providing water pressure for all the toilets to refill with clean fresh water, ready for another dirty load.

This photo is the quintessential Texas farm photo. Dusky clouds float over the farm. An abandoned, rusting truck is parked beneath the trees awaiting its rescue or eventual decay.

The WTWS site wishes you and your family Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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