Tower of Terror

20151026TurkeyLakeFlorida800This water tower was spotted near the Turkey Lake plaza of the Florida Turnpike. Its ominous black silhouette fits perfectly with the Halloween season.

This is a rather unusual paint job for a water tower. What were they thinking? Is this some primer coat waiting for something more cheerful? It the intent to hide the tower like a ninja dressed in black? Perhaps the painters are fans of the black matte colors you see on muscle cars and motorcycle hogs. Is the black used to boil the contents on a hot, sunny Florida day? Perhaps proto-humans touch this black monolith and their culture is launched to the next awareness?

Nevertheless, it is a good looking tower. It is not a water sphere but your typical modern water spheroid, looking somewhat wider than it is tall. A few simple cell antennas are wrapped around the neck. A vent caps the top. The black paint allows you to see the seams in the sections on the spheroid. You can see approximately 14 to 16 sections on this side of the spheroid, each looks to be about 4 to 6 feet in width.

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