Moog Water Tower

Moog Water TowerThis article introduces a new category for World’s Tallest Water Sphere – Competitors.

This category both recognizes and compares other towers to the World’s Tallest Water Sphere. Note, I do not say “Union’s Water Tower”, or “The Water Sphere in Union”. I say the WTWS because Union New Jersey has the undisputed world’s tallest water sphere. It is the tallest, the most spherical, the most magnificent impression on mankind’s psyche.

However, some of the attributes of the WTWS are also admired in other towers. There is something very positive and admired about water towers. They have a graviity-defying shape set against the sky. They provide water pressure and potable water for many towns. And they provide a focused iconic point for towns which would have naught else to ponder. A mantra. A focus point. A vision.

Above we see the water sphere of Moog Inc. in upstate New York. It is a well designed tower. It provides water. It has a spherical dome. Yet it lacks in so many ways when compared to the WTWS. It is short. It is hidden from view from people on the nearby highways. It is private.

We welcome you to provide information to this site about water spheres and other towers that inspire, provide water, or serve as a focal point to their communities.

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