World’s Tallest Water Sphere site helping millions this Holiday Season

It is well known that this World’s Tallest Water Sphere site has helped millions of readers by providing timely information and photographs of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere.

We recently received another affirmation of this fact from Kristen, the Marketing Directory at the impressively named BrainDex company. She says “Hi, I’m impressed with your professional website related to water towers and water pumps. Since some of your site visitors may be interested in learning more about water towers and water pumps, feel free to link to my site.” “Professional.” Why thank you Kristen! We at realize we are helping people, but did not realize that our site is so impressive to Marketing Directors.

Kristen, BrainDex Marketing Director, also provided me the link “will be the most helpful for your customers:”
Wheat Grinder Contraption. We know WTWS fans like reading about grain mills and wheat grinders, especially at this holiday season, and so we pass this helpful site along to you. Happy Holidays readers! And may the spirit of giving and helpfulness enthuse you to share your grain mill links with all the link-starved people of the world.

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