Signing for the Camera

For people who want to flash secret signs for the camera, here is how you finger spell “WTWS” using American Sign Language finger spelling. I think it would be great if some of the photo submissions for the site showed you and your friends flashing the “WTWS” for your viewers and friends.

For those of us who are memory impaired and do not know ASL: the W is the three fingered salute, commonly used by sports teams to signal a “3-peat” or third goal or three pointer, the T is a fist with a captured thumb, commonly used with little kids and the “I caught your nose” game, and the S is the power fist, commonly used to signal “power to the people,” or “fight, fight, fight.”

Of course I think there should also be a plain sign language symbol for the World’s Tallest Water Sphere. I propose a hand signing symbol for the WTWS as follows. Present a fist and forearm, upright, in the shape of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere. Look upon the fist symbol in awe, in inspired gaze, recognizing the human accomplishment of tallness, sphereness, and fresh clean drinking water. Adorn the fist and arm with any jewelery in the appearance of the cell phone antennae, circular neck halos, or flashing warning beacons. Awesome!

Photography and hand images are courtesy of the ASL University site.

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