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This is a web site for the World's Tallest Water Sphere Museum. The World's Tallest Water Sphere (WTWS) is a distinctful water tower in Union, New Jersey, USA. It is 212 feet tall and holds 250,000 gallons of clean water for Union residents. Many viewers have created artwork, and the media have covered the importance of the landmark. The WTWS Museum has been operating as a physical museum since 2003 in Austin, Texas. This virtual version of the WTWS museum was created in 2020.

There is a web site with many articles about the World's Tallest Web Sphere and also a Facebook group.

For many years, visitors could visit the artwork, exhibits, and sessions of the physical museum in Austin, Texas. However, because of the crowd control, safety concerns, and traffic issues, not every museum request could be accommodated. Thus, the need for a virtual museum was established. You are here.

Enjoy the virtual museum and the exhibits. Visit the bar, cafe, and gift shop of the virtual museum. Please pick up a visitor badge as you go and share with your friends or any social media you visit.

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Floor Plan

This is the floor plan of the World's Tallest Water Sphere Museum. Click on the spaces and rooms in the museum to visit an exhibit.

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Info Desk

Here is the Information Desk with Frequently Asked Questions about the World's Tallest Water Sphere.



This is the Exhibits section of the WTWS Museum. Click on a poster to get larger media.

How Does It Work?

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Gift Shop

This is the Gift Shop section of the WTWS Museum. Feel free to steal a badge, make a button, or display on your social media page.

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